1055C / 1055B / 1055Z

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  • 1055C / 1055B / 1055Z
  • 1055C / 1055B / 1055Z

  • Model / 型 號: 1055C / 1055B / 1055Z
Pentax PK or Minolta MD bayonet lens mounts available.
Copal mechanical vertically running metal shutter
Shutter Speed: B (bulb) to 1/2000 sec.,  13 steps
Flash sync speed: 1/125 sec. Or slower
Centre weighted TTL exposure metering, with 3 matching LEDs
inside Viewfinder.
Mechanical Self Timer, delay 10 sec., with prior reflecting Mirror lifting.
Multi exposure, Depth of Field Preview.
Flash hot shoe & PC socket, Remote Release Socket.
Film Speed: ISO 25- ISO 3200, set manually.
Power by: 2 x 1.5v Alkaline LR44 or SR44 batteries (supplied)

Item No.: 1055C         Body with f1.7 50mm Lens & Case
Item No.: 1055B         Body Only
Item No.: 1055Z         Body with 28-70mm zoom lens & Case
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