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  • XJP-607
  • XJP-607

  • Model / 型 號: XJP-607
XJP-607 Industrial Metallurgical microscope is developed and aimed at the semiconductor industry, wafer manufacturing, electronic information industry, metallurgical industry. Used as an advanced Metallurgical microscope, the user can experience its super performance when using it.It can be widely used to identify and analyze Semiconductor, FPD, Circuit encapsulation, circuit substrate, Material, Casting/Metal/Ceramic parts, Precision moulds and observe thicker specimen. High quality and reliable optical system brings much clearer and contrast image. The design meets with the ergonomics needs and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed in doing your job.
Viewing Head
Compensation Free Trinocular Head, Inclined 30°(50mm-75mm)
WF10×/20mm,crosshair with reticule 0.1mm
Long working distance bright and dark field Infinite Plan objectives: 5×/0.1B.D/W.D.29.4mm
Quintuple Nosepiece with DIC Jack
Double layer mechanical stage
Stage Size: 190mm×140mm
Moving Range:50mm×40mm
Flashboard type filters(green,blue,neutral)
Coaxial coarse &fine focusing adjustment With rack and pinion mechanism Fine
focusing scale value 0.002mm
Light Source
With aperture iris diaphragm and field iris diaphragm, halogen Bulb 12V/50W,
AC85V-230 Brightness Adjustable
Polarizing Device
Analyzer rotatable 360,°Polarizer&Analyzer can be moved in/out of the optical
Checking Tool
0.01mm Micrometer
Optional Accessory
Two-dimensional measurement software
Professional metallurgical image analysis software
Halogen Bulb 12V/100W
Micrometer eyepiece
1.3Mega、2.0 Mega、3.0 Mega、5.0 Mega pixels CMOS Digital camera eyepieces
Long working distance bright & dark field Infinite Plan objectives:     50×/0.55B.D/W.D.5.1mm、
Precision Stage:X-Y moving range 25mm×25mm,Moving Precision<5um,Digital
hand wheel Min.Value:0.1um,360°Rotatable disc
Photography attachment and CCD Adapter 0.5×、0.57×、0.75×
Planishing tool
CCD Camera,colour 1/3″High resolution 520 TV lines
Characteristicsand description
1.       UIS infinite-optical system.
2.       Adopt long-life halogen light source with much higher light efficiency.
3.       Bright and dark field, Polarization and differential interference function.
4.       The aspherical Kohler illumination, increasing the brightness of observation.
5.       WF10 ×(Φ25)Super wide viewing field Eyepiece, long working distance
metallurgical objective with bright and dark field
6.       The Quintuple Nosepiece can be equipped with detachable DIC differential
interference device.
DIC: Nomarski differential interference contrast observation is deemed to the essential means to checkout the materials, semiconductor and metal structure now.
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