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  • XYL-606
  • XYL-606

  • Model / 型 號: XYL-606
XYL-606 Fluorescence Microscope is made up of the Biological microscope and Epi-fluorescence device. Epi-fluorescence widely used in biology, medicine, immunology, oncology, genetics, materials science and other fields. Conventional configuration has 5 wave bands, and B,G,BV,V,U can be switched, and meanwhile, the conventional transmission observation can be proceeded. High-quality optical system and fluorescent attachment make you observed the satisfactory fluorescent effect. It is your best choice because of humanized configuration design, convenient operation system and novel appearance.
Viewing Head
Compensation Free Binocular Head Inclined at 30°(50mm-75mm)
Infinite Apochromatic Fluorescent Objectives: 4×/N.A.O.15、10×/N.A.O.35、20×/N.A.0.6、40
× (S) /N.A.O.75
Sextuple Nosepiece
Double layer mechanical stage
Stage Size: 180mm×160mm
Moving Range: 80mm×50mm
N.A.1.25 Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm and filters
Coaxial coarse&fine focusing adjustment with rack and pinion mechanism.Fine focusing
scale value 0.002mm
Light Source
Transmission Illumination: Halogen Bulb 12V/30W, Brightness Adjustable
Epi-Fluorescent Illumination: 220V(110V) .Ultra-high pressure Mercury Lamp100W/DC.Digital
display mercury lamp constant power
Fluorescent Box
G、B、BV、V、U Wave Band
Optional Accessory
Eyepiece: WF16×/17mm、WF20×/12.5mm
1.3Mega、2.0 Mega、3.0 Mega、5.0 Mega pixels CMOS Digital camera eyepiece
Infinite Plan Objectives: 4×,10×,20×,40×(s),60×(s),100×(s)oil
Infinite fluorescent Objectives:100×(dry)/N.A.0.9
Y Wave band fluorescent box
Light Source: Halogen Bulb 12V/50W,12V/100W
Photography attachment and CCD Adapter0.5×、0.57×、0.75×
Characteristicsand description
1.       Super wide viewing field eyepiece.
2.       Stray light suppression system:Leading strong stray light out of light path
and absorb it,greatly increased the Signal-to-Noise Of the imae of
fluorescence microscope.
3.       High precision revoiver system:conversion of the file-band G,B,BV,V,U,flexible
and soft and accurate positioning and ensure that each wave band can be
llluminated by excitation light fully and equably.
4.       Large N.A.Plan-achromatic fluorescent objectives,greatiy increased the
fluorescent intensity.
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