• XDS-412
  • XDS-412

  • Model / 型 號: XDS-412

XYL-412Y inverted biological microscope is equipped with excellent infinite optical system,long working distance plan objective,wide field eyepiece.The compact and stable high rigid body fully match the shockproof request of the microscope operation.The ergonomics ideal design meets the needs and makes operation more convenient & comfortable,and broad space available for operator.The instrument is suitable for the microscopic observation of cell tissue and transparent liquid organization.It can also proceed dynamic microscope observation of cultured tissue in the petri dish.It is widely used in scientific research,college & university,medical treatment,inspection and quarantine and farming & stock aising and driary industry depeartment,etc.

Optical system
 infinite optical system
Viewing Head
 Compensation Free Trinocular Head Inclinet at 45°(50mm-75mm)
 Plan WF10×/22mm

 Infinity L.W.D.big numerial aperture plan apochromatic objective,

 4×/0.15(L.W.D.21.6mm) ,cover-glass thickness 1.5mm

 10×/0.3 phase contrast(L.W.D.3mm)cover-glass thickness 1.5mm

 20×/0.5 phase contrast(L.W.D.4.27mm)cover-glass thickness 1.5mm

 40×(S) /0.6 phase contrast(L.W.D.2.23mm)cover-glass thickness 1.5mm
 Sextupe Nosepiece
 Double layer mechanical stage
 Stage Size:305mm×180mm
 Moving Range:75mm×40mm
 Low XY adjusting hand wheel

 Coaxial coarse & fine focusing adjustment, fine

 focusing scale value 0.001mm

Light Source

 3WLED,brightness adjustable

 Abbe condenser,working distance 28mm
Phase contrast device
 Contrast table (28mm),Centering telescope
 Blue、Green、yellow and grosted glass

 Eyepiece:WF10×/20mm,crosshair with reticule 0.1mm


 Abbe condenser,working distance 70mm, Phase contrast Truuent(70mm)
 Photography attachment and CCD C-mount:0.5X、0.57X、0.75X

 Infinity L.W.D.big numerial aperture plan apochromatic

 phase contrast objective:


 1.3Mega、2.0Mega、3.0Mega、5.0Mega、1.0Mega pixels CMOS Digital camera eyepiece

 CCD Camera colour 1/3 High resolution 700 TV lines
 Image analysis software